Give Your Email Marketing

New Strength & Energy

The ALL-IN-ONE Solution For Cleaning and Reviving Your Email List

What is LISTREVIVE and how it can help you?

Are You An Email Marketer

who relies on high open rates and deliverability to run your business?

Are You An Offline Business Owner

with a large database of people you would like to re-engage with?

Or maybe you’ve done email marketing in the past and now you want to revive your old list and start getting better results?

LISTREVIVE is a new technology which completes a fine tuned 4 step process, providing you with Fresh Active Subscribers

Here’s how our technology works:

Step 1

Upload the list of emails that you would like to contact and re-engage with (click here for email types)

Step 2

List Revive will automatically check for active emails, removing all spam traps, dead email accounts and bounced emails

Step 3

Select a template for the re-engagement email you would like to send and enter the URL to your landing page

Step 4

List Revive will instantly start reviving your list contacting each verified email linking them directly to your landing page

The Result:

Fresh active subscribers who are interested in your products, services and updates.